Explore the rustic-chic style of Uruguay and discover effortless beach house décor inspirations

Even at the bottom of the world in a little town called Jose Ignacio (near Punta del Este) in Uruguay, you can find AMAZING things for your beach house or your very informal home. Believe it or not, this mini town becomes a jet-set base camp in the months of December and January, which is summer in this part of the world.

Tired of the fast-paced city lifestyle, people want their homes to be more informal and comfortable…like a great pair of jeans that you use over and over again!!! Local artisans up-cycle and recycle all year long, creating one-of-a-kind pieces and decorative objects. This kind of decoration makes your home much more cozy and relaxing.

This time I am taking you on a tour of SENTIDO, which is one of my favorite home décor shops. It is right on the beach!!!! It is also an amazing study in informal architecture when it comes to the shop itself. Let´s check it out together.

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