John Altoon #13 Untitled, 1964 – Oil on Canvas

I fell in love with this painting at Art Basel in Miami this past December, and decided to read up on the artist, John Altoon, a painter from Los Angeles, California who battled schizophrenia until passing at the young age of 43. I am always intrigued by the personal lives of artists and how they influence their works.  He was known for using fantasies and dreams often as the subjects for his abstract paintings.

I really like the vibrant colors and spectacular compositions of this piece that can make any room come alive! His particular style is very easy to use in décor…whether in a minimalist modern apartment in Miami or a traditional New York brownstone, you will never get tired of looking at it.

Art is really a base in many cases for interior design and décor. I often use the color pallets from paintings when choosing decorative pillows and upholstery fabrics. If you love ART, try to make it to one of the Art Basel events. You will not be disappointed.