My story

Hello World! My name is Ania…..welcome to my BLOG!

So, this is who I am… somewhat of a Miami city girl, own an interior design company called A-part Designs, speak a few languages, a bit hippy-chic in an island sort-of way, and being a Virgo…. maybe too much of a perfectionist…. but, fortunately my clients don´t mind!

My ¨gypsy¨ lifestyle and love for décor and design are the source of inspiration for this blog. To me, travel is synonymous with exploration and discovery! In this case, the discovery of interesting décor boutiques, concept stores, artists, art galleries, fascinating homes and the unique towns where I find them, scattered throughout the world, each one with its distinctive character and ambiance.

I really hope you enjoy my Explore & Décor adventures, as I travel throughout our picturesque planet searching for, and hopefully discovering, many different and interesting people and places that will inspire you, as much as they do me, in your decoration and design ideas.