Seaside Chic in Decor

With summer upon us, all I can think about are the warm ocean waters, beautiful sunny beaches and refreshing swimming pools.  It is a time to kick back (weekends or vacation) and get lost in the ever-changing blue hues of the sea and beige tones of the sand…my fail-proof formula for seaside interior design and décor inspiration!

Your coastal home doesn´t have to be filled with anchors and starfish inspired decorative pillows to make it feel beachy. There is an abundance of decorative styles and designs to draw your ideas from: British Island Colonial, French Coastal Provence, Italian Riviera, Greek Island, New York Hamptons, Traditional Coastal, California Beachy, and the decor and design list goes on. Show me a coast and I will show you an interior décor style!

Personally, I love to mix and match different styles to achieve a more eclectic look, but always harmonizing the interior with the exterior environment when it comes to colors and textures, an easy rule to follow to achieve harmony in décor.

Tips for how to mix and match different décor styles:

  1. Let one style dominate and incorporate the others for contrast or accents – eliminates competition between styles. If you prefer a contemporary look, use antique accents or vice versa.
  2. Unify with color – furniture should be of similar wood type or in alike colors. Even when styles vary, the same hue of colors will pull it all together.
  3. Keep things relatively the same size – allows for better sense of cohesiveness. I love placing two different night stands on either side of the bed. It always works as long as they are of a similar size and color.
  4. Pair things together – brings a visual sense of balance. Try placing one contemporary arm chair at each end of a rectangular dining table and then use a completely different style for the rest of the chairs.
  5. Use different styles to contrast – an easy way to make a statement. For a contemporary coastal bathroom, a French Provence chandelier makes a great statement piece.
  6. Use vintage pieces as accent furniture – brings an immediate eclectic feeling to your home. An old trunk could easily be used as a coffee table in an informal seaside cottage.
  7. Reupholster furniture in a similar fabric – very effective in blending different styles. You can reupholster two beautiful antique chairs in a fabric similar in color and texture to your contemporary sofa, harmonizing the two styles so that they complement each other.

Check out these inspirations from my last Bahamas trip…

And my Pinterest boards for more décor ideas…


  1. August 10, 2017 / 11:38 am

    It’s refreshing and inspiring to read your blog Ania. It makes us readers rethink, and wish to redecorate and most of all, enjoy the task. You have an innate flair and sense of style, that eye that makes things look just right and comfortable to live with.
    Thank you and congratulations!

    • Ania de Agardy
      August 19, 2017 / 8:37 pm

      Thank you Maita! Your kind comment provides me with the energy and inspiration to continue to write about interior design and decor…always hoping my ideas will help to create beautiful and happy homes.

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