Get Inspired – Texture in Décor Appeals to our Senses

One of my favorite décor tools is TEXTURE! I use it whenever I want the room to have dimension or to make it feel cozy. It appeals to our senses, and especially to the eyes and touch. A soft throw on a leather sofa, or a plush shag area rug in our bedroom to step on with our bare feet…there are endless ways to add texture to design. I love to combine smooth things against rough things, like a very modern dining table next to a stone accent wall.

Texture is great for contrast and can also be used creatively in large spaces or when you have high ceilings, like in a loft. A cement floor or exposed brick walls can give a very chic edgy feel to the design. I use a lot of texture in monochrome décor, which really makes it come alive without disturbing the harmony.

If you are a traditionalist, your can´t go wrong with using wood to add texture. Whether a furniture piece like a hand-crafted coffee table, or beams on the ceiling of your study, you will always achieve a warm finish to the room.


Check out my texture inspirations in Pinterest.