Get Inspired with Italian Décor – Tuscan Style

Meet Rombaldo – my inspiration for Tuscan décor. He came with the house where I stayed for a few days this summer in Italy. His gentle way of being and the way he just “belonged” made me realize that we really can co-exist in harmony with nature….in fact, nature is what we miss most in many of the big cities!

Even if you are a city slicker, you can use many Tuscan-style accent pieces like pottery and metalwork, giving that refined rustic-chic touch to your home. Most accessories are hand crafted from natural materials like clay or porcelain by local artisans, and come in all sorts of finishes and earth tones. I especially love to use them in the kitchen, living room or patio! Visit my Italian Villa Inspirations in Design and Décor board on Pinetrest and check out some stylish decor ideas.