10 Easy Ways to Update Your Home – In Décor

10 Easy Ways to Update Your Home – In Décor
  1. Reupholster your furniture – change the fabric of your sofa, chair or just a poof, and make it all about a nice pattern, design, color or texture.
  2. Make an accent wall – could be functional like shelving or wall unit, or just beautifully painted in your favorite color. Fun wall covering is also a fabulous option.
  3. Incorporate contemporary or modern accessories – eliminate things that tend to date your home and replace with something light and bright like a glass sculpture or modern standing lamp.
  4. Update your ceiling light fixtures – lighting plays a crucial role in decoration and is a beautiful and functional way to renew your home.
  5. Add an up-cycled or ¨natural¨ décor piece – a beautifully woven rattan basket for your magazines or a small side table from driftwood for the living room can give a nice ¨organic¨ feel to your place.
  6. Upgrade your sofa´s decorative pillows – such an easy and effective way to make a change in your decor. Select something contemporary and that matches the color hue of you home. It will make a big impact!
  7. Incorporate a large mirror – makes space appear larger, brighter and adds a touch of elegance…keep the frame minimalistic. If it can reflect a beautiful view, even better!
  8. Replace bathroom fixtures – whether contemporary, traditional or modern decor, it really updates the look of the bathroom.
  9. Change your lampshade – get rid of those dated lampshades and replace them with ones that have simple, minimalist design. Even your light will reflect differently!
  10. Paint your walls in light colors – white and off-white walls not only give a sensation of more space and cleanliness, but also act as a fabulous canvas for your artwork.


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