Furniture Fashion – What´s Trending in 2017

  1. Distressed Everything – the more imperfections, stains and holes the better! Like a pair of distressed jeans. Fun to use in both furniture and décor. There is nothing more chic than a dining table from reclaimed wood or an old barn door that functions as a sliding door to your bathroom.
  2. Fun Fur – so pleasing to your senses of sight and touch. In design, often used as a finish for an accent piece like a stool or a bench.
  3. California Chic – mixing retro pieces with modern and using clear color pallets and lots of texture in finishes.
  4. Lucite furniture – dating back to the 30s…works great with both traditional and modern design, especially in small spaces.
  5. Velvet upholstery – very rich…visually gives a sense of vintage sophistication. Blends well with any style or design.
  6. Color – soft hues of pink and green, the color purple, and the timeless combination of black and white.
  7. Fluid Geometry – furniture lines are more relaxed and volumes are softened taking the ¨edge¨ off the geometrics’ typically rigid feel.
  8. Open Silhouette – stylish throw back to the mid-century modern design. Chairs are a great example…open chair backs are very sexy!


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