Buenos Aires – discover bohemian décor shops, galleries and art studios on Boulevard Saenz Peña

The other day I went to TIGRE, a suburb of Buenos Aires about 30 minutes from the city center. For those who don´t know Buenos Aires, Tigre is located on one of the largest deltas in the world, filled with countless canals and rivers that come together…an extraordinary place to discover in itself.

I was on a mission to find a fishing net that I needed for a table centerpiece I am doing for an event next week. I don´t know the area too well, so I decided to explore and by chance discovered a fabulous artsy bohemian street called Boulevard Saenz Peña!!! Lined with funky artist studios, galleries and graffiti walls, it reminded me of a mini Wynwood in Miami. Whether you are from Buenos Aires or not, it is definitely worth visiting if you are into décor, art or just discovering hidden treasures. Make sure you peak into all the little alleys where you will find lots of surprises…like a yoga studio, bohemian cafes, and little shops with cool objects to recycle and upcycle in décor!


I stopped at Alamacén de Tigre for a quick coffee where I met Tati, one of the owners. There is nothing better than some tips from a local. She was super friendly and wasted no time in introducing me to Maite Torralba, a former model from Brazil, who has her art studio just across the alley from Tati. We hit it off and I ended up buying a cool 50´s inspired collage from her for one of my clients. We have a pending coffee date for next week!

Just down the street I discovered Estudio de Cocina of Juliana López May, a renown Argentinian TV celebrity chef. She has her studio there where she runs all sorts of workshops for gastronomical fanatics! When I crossed the street, I found CHATARRA, a cool art gallery with amazing metal sculptures….modern, upcycled and recycled. You will not believe the steps you have to climb to the front door!!! From there I ventured off to Atalier 5, which is an art workshop where you can take classes and develop your artistic talents.

You can´t miss Don Toto (one block away), an enormous warehouse filled with furniture, artifacts and relics from decades ago…. every interior designer´s dream.  My final stop was Boulevard Saenz Peña bistro a gastronomical delight that has an amazing décor shop inside with antiques, vintage tablecloths, plates, glasses, furniture accent pieces and endless décor objects.

By the time I left, I felt like I knew everyone in the neighborhood. The best way to experience this hidden treasure is to plan to have lunch there and spend the afternoon browsing through all the funky shops and galleries. If you are an interior designer, reserve 2 hours just for Don Toto! Most places open Wednesday through Saturday only.

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