Summer Style your Home…Beachfront, City or Country!

Whether you live on the coast or not, you can always bring the feeling of summer into your home. Remember to have fun and dare to be different. Whatever your style, keep it fresh, crisp and bright! Check out my Pinterest board filled with inspirational photos on how to integrate these easy SEVEN DECOR IDEAS …

  1. Accessorize, accessorize accessorize! Decorative pillows and throws bring immediate color and brightness to any room. Blue matches just about everything so add some summer themed pillows in solids or prints. There is nothing more summery than striped fabrics. Add baskets filled with shells to your bathroom décor and driftwood sculptures in the living area. Coastal inspired candle holders work just about anywhere to create that special ambiance.
  2. Color me white, yellow, orange, pink, green, salmon, blue or beige. These or muted pastel colors give an immediate freshness to your home. Use them in wall art, fabrics, textiles or accessories. If you are more conservative, try navy blue for a chic nautical look.
  3. Bring in the outdoors. Place a couple of indoor palms in your living room. Revive your coffee table with a clear glass vase filled with fresh flowers. Open your curtains to integrate the outdoors. It is amazing how sunlight will change the energy of your home. It may be a good time to build a green wall or place potted plants on your balcony.
  4. Enjoy al fresco dining. Revitalize your balcony, patio or terrace with furniture made from natural materials such as wicker or teak. Use a bright white linen tablecloth or sisal placemats to add freshness to your dining table. Lanterns filled with candles and shells make great summer centerpieces. Use vibrant dishes and serving trays for a splash of color.
  5. Incorporate elements from natural materials and textures like a jute area rug for the dining area or a raffia lamp shade. For a bit of Feng Shui, place a Buddha sculpture at the main entrance.
  6. Bring in a feeling of airiness by changing to linen drapes for the summer months. They open up the space and create unique illumination.
  7. Refresh your bedroom by using bedsheets in a crisp white color and add decorative beige pillows in various sizes in neutral natural texture for a subtle contrast. Layering fabrics like a linen throw on top of cotton sheets gives an informal, chic finish.

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