Feng Shui in Décor 101: Beneficial ways to create balance and vibrant energy flow in your home and office


Literally translated from Chinese it means wind and water. Going back more than 3000 years, it is a practice of the different ways to harmonize the spaces where we live so we can achieve the best quality of life and positive energy flow.

The heart of Feng Shui is CHI (vital life force energy)…universal energy that is expressed in yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) qualities, as well as the five feng shui elements which are water, metal, fire, earth, and wood.


Think of this as an intro to Feng Shui. Although most of us don´t have the time or luxury to build the perfect Feng Shui home in the energetically ideal place, we do have some influence with the placement and arrangement of furniture and decorative objects to maximize CHI. Feng Shui has lots of layers and complexities, but I will try to keep it simple so you can easily implement ideas at your home or office right away. Preparation is crucial so be sure to do your homework. For decor ideas and inspiration, check out my Feng Shui Pinterest Board.

The Preparation in 3 steps:

  • De-clutter and organize. Good time to clear things from under your bed or under your desk. Get rid of the things you don´t want, don´t like or that are broken. You can donate to charity or do a garage/estate sale and make some extra money.
  • Make sure you have good air quality and good lighting at home and office…an important step too often overlooked. You should illuminate dim areas and avoid cool, white fluorescent lights. Change your AC filers. An aromatherapy diffuser and air purifying plants are essential! Open your windows!!!
  • Prepare a Bagua – feng shui energy map of your home or office. There are different ones (western and traditional), but for our purposes we will use the western one.

The placement and location of the objects and colors is just as important as the items themselves. Basically, you need to divide the floor plan (reference point being front entrance) of your home or office in 9 equal squares, and each square will correspond to one of the 8 areas. The Yin Yang point, or the heart of the home (located in the center of the map), is energetically connected to all the other bagua areas.


CRUCIAL – the bagua areas have their corresponding elements, numbers, shapes and colors that need to be respected for optimal energy flow. There is a lot you can do with color to achieve the desired energy whether painting a wall or introducing a décor piece or artwork. They are very powerful so use them wisely!!!



Element – FIRE (avoid water)

Colors – Red, orange

Location – Top center part of the home or office

Number – 9

Shape – Triangle and Pyramid

Décor items: candles, fireplaces, lamps, leather, silk or wool fabrics, and animal prints, to name a few.

HOME – Candles are great accessories for any room. Animal skin rugs are a lot of fun for a study or reading nook. A beautiful wool throw or silk pillows are nice for a bed or sofa. A fireplace is fabulous if you have one. Tall lamps for the living room or dining area are always a nice touch of style.

OFFICE – You can´t paint your office red so instead you can bring a décor piece like anything of pyramid or triangular shape if you have a cubicle or a contemporary painting or photograph that incorporates those colors if you have more space. I love Egyptian pyramids, trophies, awards or diplomas.



Element – EARTH

Colors – pink, red, white

Location – Top right part of the home or office

Number – 2

Shape – Square

Décor items:

HOME – Use paired or coupled items like a set of prints with red coloring on the wall or two nightstands with two beautiful lamps for the bedroom. Display souvenirs from romantic occasions. Two roses in a square vase work well in any part of the house.

OFFICE – you can use a rose quarts sculpture of a couple (people, birds, etc.) or any simple grouping of two like two romantic photos with your partner in wooden picture frames.



Element – WOOD

Colors – purple, red, gold, blue

Location – Top left part of the home or office.

Number – 4

Shape – Rectangular

Décor items: sculptures, art, crystals, and coins. Fountains, waterfalls, fish tanks or bowls. Blue, red or purple blooming plants or flowers. Display affirmations or quotes corresponding to abundance. Make arrangements in groupings of 4.

HOME – Paint a wall in a light sky blue color. Use earthy colors in fabrics and upholstery. Incorporate water element art. Hang a gold rectangular mirror. Display trays of fruit in the kitchen.

OFFICE – You don´t have to be creative. A rectangular filing cabinet will do. I like to keep coins in a rectangular wood tray. Wall art of water image is nice.



Element – EARTH (avoid wood)

Colors – yellow, brown, orange

Location – Center part of the home or office.

Number – 5

Shape – Square

Décor items both for HOME and OFFICE: ceramics, pottery, long flat surfaces (kitchen counter at home or desk at the office), display stone objects like sculptures. Incorporate paintings or photos of nature landscapes. Keep books about healthy living. Incorporate square objects like a nice décor tray on your coffee table. Make arrangements in groupings of 5, like stacked books in the office. Display feng shui images or Buddha.



Element – METAL (avoid Fire)

Colors – white, silver, grey

Location – Center right part of the home or office.

Number – 7

Shape – Round

Décor items: artwork by children in metal frames, round objects, earth element art to stimulate creativity (landscapes, mountains, beaches), pictures of children, paint wall in sandy, gray or white color. Natural crystals like clear quartz. Metal objects.

HOME – Get creative with quartz by adding stunning doorknobs or drawer pulls. Stylish crystal candlestick holders are always chic in the dining room. Quartz is fabulous in its natural form or in design because it blends with any interior and with all decorating styles.

OFFICE – no matter the size of your space, stones or crystals always work. Like for home, my favorite is the clear quartz because it is the most versatile. It is cleansing, protecting and strengthening.



Element – WOOD (avoid metal)

Colors – green and blue

Location – Center left part of the home or office.

Number – 3

Shape – Rectangular

  • Décor items:

Both at HOME and at the OFFICE – wood is one of the easiest elements to incorporate. Display family photos, add plants, wood decorations, wood and water elements and objects. Fountains are calming and decorative. Paint in blue or green. Implement floral or striped prints, such as in wallpaper, upholstery, pillows or linens and especially in cotton, linen or hemp fabrics. Use wood flooring. Pretty baskets make nice décor. Anything made from wood, such as wooden furniture or sculptures always work.



Element – WATER (avoid earth)

Colors – black, dark blue

Location – Center bottom part of the home or office.

Number – 1

Shape – free form

Décor Items:

HOME – Big round or oval mirror, images of black and white on the wall of people you admire, fountain or water mural in living room, paint walls in blue. Use floating candles as dining room table centerpiece. A black or blue area rug looks nice in a modern or contemporary home.

OFFICE – Display diplomas and awards. Create an inspiration board. Place feel good images and things that represent what you want to achieve in your career. Bowl with coins. Freeform sculptures.



Element – METAL

Colors – white, black, gray, silver

Location – Bottom right part of the home or office.

Number – 6

Shape – Round, oval

Décor items:

HOME – Images of saints or guardian angels, spiritual items like rosary, paint in white gray or black. Decorative pillows in white. Art in metal frames, earth elements. Feng shui chimes are also nice.

OFFICE – Display chic book holders in metal on the bookshelves, place a globe or hang a world map. Photos of travels are also nice.



Element – EARTH

Colors – blue, green, black

Location – Bottom left part of the home or office.

Number – 8

Shape – Square

Décor items: For both HOME and OFFICE some quick things you can place are books, photos of your favorite wise people like Albert Einsten, decorative plants or a Buddha image.


When in doubt, I think it is fun to bring in some of the traditional feng shui pieces because they add a touch of ethnic décor. You can use these at home or in the office. Also these days they all come in many versions so you can incorporate them easily if you have a modern or contemporary home.

  1. Feng Shui tortoise – should be behind your back if in the office or in the back garden if in a house. It is a guardian of good feng shui energy.
  2. Fu dogs – represent protection, wealth and power. Could be in form of book ends for the office
  3. Fish images – could be a fish bowl or a painting of fish to attract wealth.
  4. Fountain – brings water element which means prosperity. Indoor fountain will infuse healthy negative ions into the air. Add crystals and stones for additional energy. Always be mindful of placement. Never in the bedroom.
  5. Mandarin ducks – in form of painting. Represent cure for love and marriage. Place in southwest area of the home. Because rose quartz holds healing love energy, a pair of Mandarin ducks made from rose quartz crystal may bring additional energy to your feng shui love cure.


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