Make a statement! How to use signature pieces in décor

A statement piece is something that calls your attention and makes you take notice. Amazing how design somehow always relates to fashion….you want to be noticed but not overstated! Your statement piece can create complete contrast or pull the decor together. That is entirely up to you. Be careful not to disturb the harmony and balance and always keep scale in mind.

  • My favorite is a statement lighting artifact. It could be an amazing antique chandelier in a very modern master bath or contemporary sconces in a traditional study. Lighting has a dual impact, both from the design perspective and in terms of light effects.  Try to take advantage of both!
  • An accent wall can be impactful, especially in the living room. There are infinite wall coverings to choose from…you can impact with color, texture or a pattern. You can use a large sheet of natural stone and add lighting effects. 3D wall panels are fabulous…especially with a pattern. For a study I love wallpaper murals. You can really create an interesting mood.
  • Area rugs are fabulous. You can make a statement with a strong color or geometric pattern under a glass coffee table in the living room or select a unique texture for the bedroom. A cowhide for a study looks great in any style whether contemporary, traditional or modern.
  • You can never go wrong with art, but if you choose a statement piece you better make sure you love it! Any painting, sculpture or photograph works. It can be dramatic in terms of the object, color, theme, size or the ARTIST.
  • A statement piece of furniture always works. You can find something that contrasts with the general look or style of the apartment but blends through at the same time. I love art deco coordinated with ultra modern design. For a round glass modern dining table I once used spectacular art deco chairs upholstered in a deep blue fabric. Great combination of style and sophistication.